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Mira Road Ayyappa Temple.

Mira Road Ayyappa Seva Samithi was formed in 1987 by a few devotees of Swami Ayyappa. To begin with they decided to conduct some poojas traditionally during the Mandalam   (Mid-November to end December)  season. 

When this poojas started they received good response and co-operation from the public of Mira Road. This was a good sign and encouragement for the samithi.
On 17th january 1991 the Samithi got registered under the Public Trust Act 1950. The Mandala Pooja celebrations continued year after year with more and more success.
The Samithi then thought of doing some constructive way of making this pooja celebration into a permenent nature of worship Lord Ayyappa.
So, the thought of building a Temple for the Lord Ayyappa was taken shape. To proceed further, the Samithi sat, debated and decided to build this Temple in all its traditional and laid down Saathras way for we wanted to make this a stable and permanent one.
Accordingly we pursued and found out a famous and very knowledgeable person to conduct an "Ashtamangalya Prasnam" to know about the way and proceed further in fulfilling this wish.In the year 2000 the Ashtamangalya Prasnamwas conducted in its right way.
The outcome of this was very encouraging: that Lord Ayyappa is willing to make his presence here.

The Temple should be built in the similar fashion as the famous Temple of Sree Ayyappa at Sabarimala, with the holy eighteen steps and the idol of Ayyappa in the same "Bhava" and "Roopa"as the deity of Sabarimala Temple.

This itself mean that this Temple is also going to be a very famous and important Temple of Swami Ayyappa.The devotees taking darshanam and praying Swami Ayyappa in the Temple will get their wish for "excellence in education, child birth, curing of incurable diseases, mangalya bhagyam" fulfilled. Thus, the important fulfilments to be achieved by taking darshan and praying of a deity is gifted here to the devotees. These aspectes also give us encouragement to build this Temple for the benifit of the fellow natives.

               When Sree Harshadbhai P.Doshi of Unique Shanti Builders and Developers, Shanti Vihar, Mira Road donated a piece of land for the construction of the Temple,we become more confidentto proceed further in building the Temple.

                In the meantime the Samithi had already established contact with the Traditional SupremePriest of Sabarimala Temple, Brahmasri Kantaru Maheswararu Thantri, Thazhamon Madom and hehas already assured all his help and agreed to be the Supreme Priest of this temple too.This again we took as another Blessing of Lord Ayyappaand which further strengthened our resolve to go ahead with the construction work of the Temple. Thus in May,2003the Stone Laying Ceremonies were conducted well and with all rites performing as per the Sasthras.

               On the auspecious Vijaya Dashami Day in the year 2004 the construction work of this Temple was started. A two day programme was arrangedand MahaMruthyunjaya Homam,Maha Sudarshana Homam, Vaasthu Homam(Vaasthubali),Maha Ganapathy Homam Sukrutha Hem,Shadadhara Prathishta



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